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Quality Counts, Every Time

You’ve come to the right spot for premium Arts and Craft blades and knives.  The precision arts and craft blades, handles, knives, and kits found in the CS Arts & Crafts product line are among the highest quality available. These Swann-Morton blades are manufactured of high-grade British steel, resulting in exceptional durability and sharpness.

As a division of the Cincinnati Surgical Company, our products are manufactured with the same surgical quality and precision expected by today’s healthcare standards. You can trust the CS Arts & Crafts line, featuring Swann-Morton products, will save you from overcompensating for and constantly changing out dull blades.

Whether you are bringing your memories to life in your latest scrapbooking project or building a scale model of a World War II fighter plane on the kitchen table the Swann-Morton craft knives and scalpels should never be far away.

For cutting fine veneers in Marquetry, creating a themed birthday cake in Sugar craft, a silhouette, inlaid or lace-like layered narratives in papercutting – we have the tool for every delicate cut that makes the end result all that more special.

With Swann Morton craft knives you can count on a blade that will stay sharp longer and result in less broken tips.  Quit changing blades so often and move to the one that lasts.  You’ll be able to feel the quality from the first cut to the last.